15 Minutes Recipes To Beat Your Hunger By GroceryBabu

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15 Minutes Recipes To Beat Your Hunger By GroceryBabu

15 Minutes Recipes To Beat Your Hunger By GroceryBabu

Have you ever gone to bed dreaming about your favorite Indian dish?

After coming from the office, you often look in the kitchen for delicious food recipes that can be cooked instantly?

When we are hungry, we are more emotional, aggressive & impulsive by our actions. Hence, it is essential to beat the hunger with some great food.

Everyone is not lucky enough to have a good time cooking their favorite recipes. Hence, there are instant food recipes available to quench instant hunger within a matter of ten to fifteen minutes.

What Are Fifteen Minutes Instant Recipes?

The fifteen-minute instant packed foods are partially cooked recipes that need to be warm or cooked for less than fifteen minutes to serve. GroceryBabu, your Indian groceries online USA store, has many instant food recipes to help beat your instant hunger at home. Let’s check that further with our today’s blog post.

Top Instant Food Recipes By Deep Foods

Deep Foods is one of the leading Indian foods manufacturers. The company has been serving since 1977 with the same quality. Deep Foods is one of the best food brands available for purchase at GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery online delivery store in the USA.

Below are the top instant food recipes that can be cooked before fifteen minutes.

1.    Deep Foods Idli Mix

Almost all Indians love South Indian food across the world. Cooking South Indian food takes a little time because it has some preparation, unlike other regular Indian dishes. But what if you are home someday from the office and are craving for Idli Sambhar?

Here is why you should get your instant food pack of Idli mix from GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery online NJ store. It takes less than fifteen minutes to get your Idli ready! All you need to do is add lukewarm water in the Idli mix to make soft idlis for your breakfast or dinner!

2.    Deep Foods Rava Dosa Mix

Dosa is again a quick instant Indian recipe that can help you beat your hunger! To make delicious dosa, generally, you have to prepare the batter a day before. But how about cooking your favorite Indian rava dosa within fifteen minutes?

GroceryBabu has your favorite Deep Foods8 rava dosa instant mix to help you cook delicious and healthy dosa anytime! All you need to do is add water, green chilies, and coriander leaves for cooking crispy rava dosa.

3.    Deep Foods Dhokla Mix

Dhokla is the yummiest Indian food recipe and indeed one of the most loved foods across the world. If you love to cook dhokla anytime for breakfast or dinner, you can cook it within minutes with Deep Foods Dhokla Instant Mix.

To cook spongy and delicious dhokla within fifteen minutes, you need to get the Instant dhokla mix from GroceryBabu and add lukewarm water with chopped coriander, green chilies, sugar, and oil. Isn’t it the best idea to beat your quick hunger?

4.    Deep Foods Dal Vada Mix

Well, Gujaratis residing in the USA are always ready to have Dal Vada in snacks. Dal Vada and tea are a deadly combination, and you must try it too while having a snacks party with your friends.

To order instant dal vada mix in the USA, you need to visit the GroceryBabu website or order it online via the app. The Deep Foods Dal Vada Mix is easily prepared within fifteen minutes by adding lukewarm water, chilies, ginger, coriander leaves, and salt. Yes, you can taste the delicious and crispy dal vada within fifteen minutes!

Order Indian Grocery Online at GroceryBabu

While looking for Indian groceries online USA, you must trust GroceryBabu and its amazing quality food products. All your favorite Indian foods are available with the GroceryBabu store with a home delivery service. So, why would someone wish to stay hungry when you can order and store some healthy instant mix foods from GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery online delivery store!

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