3 Amazing Saturday Night Dinner Recipes for Indian Food Lovers

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3 Amazing Saturday Night Dinner Recipes for Indian Food Lovers

3 Amazing Saturday Night Dinner Recipes for Indian Food Lovers

Indian food becomes the talk of the town when you are residing in the USA. Indians like you and me, who live in the USA for a long, generally crave delicious Indian spices that help cook delicious dishes. So, before I help you with the three amazing Saturday night recipes, let me tell you that you can get Indian grocery delivery near me from GroceryBabu- your Indian grocery online delivery store in the USA.

I am sure that many of you will be looking to order Indian grocery online in the USA because it is the Indian groceries that will help you cook these delicious recipes. So, worry not, friends; you can get all your Indian spices, pulses, and other frozen snacks from GroceryBabu- the best online Indian grocery store in New Jersey.

Amazing Indian Recipes for Saturday Night

Every one of us is looking forward to making our weekends special and exciting. One of the best ways for Indians is to do that via cooking special dishes over the weekend. So, here are the top 3 Indian recipes for your Saturday dinner plan.

1.   Green Peas Curry

Indians love to have green peas in their diet, don’t you? Having green peas is also beneficial for your health. My first recipe suggestion is Green Peas Curry. It is one of the delicious yet easy Indian dinner recipes to make your Saturday more happening and delightful.

For cooking instructions, here we share the simple and quick recipe video. Please watch this video to learn the Green Peas Curry recipe.

The recipe is served hot with Indian-style paratha and pickle. Indeed, it is one of the dinner recipes that kids adore to elders in the family. Quick to cook and delicious in the taste. Nevertheless, if you are worried about the ingredients like green peas, spices, and oil- you can order it online from GroceryBabu, Indian grocery delivery near me.

2.   Dum Aloo

Dum Aloo is one of the evergreen Indian dinner recipes. Indians love potatoes and any recipes that include potatoes. I am sure you can delight your Saturday dinner plan ideas by learning this interesting Dum Aloo recipe.

Don’t worry about buying the ingredients shown in the recipe video, as you can order Indian grocery online in the USA from the GroceryBabu store. Just download it on your mobile or use the web version for scrolling your missing Indian recipe ingredients.

Here is the Dum Aloo recipe video to help you learn how to cook this amazing Indian recipe for your dinner today.

It takes a little bit of time to cook, but trust me, the wait is worth especially when you follow the above recipe video for cooking Dum Aloo. Serve hot with paratha and pickle to make it taste more yummy.

3.   Mix Veg in Yogurt Curry

Well, this is one of the most unique and delicious recipes that you can try for your Saturday dinner plan in the USA. I am sure many of us are generally tired of cooking the same dinner recipes and are craving to cook something new and special. So here it is, ‘mix veg in yogurt curry’ recipe.

Before you search for its ingredients, let me tell you- you can get it from GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery online delivery store in NJ. Next time, before you search on Google about Indian grocery delivery near me, just surf- GroceryBabu website. You can also download it on your android or iOS device for a quick ordering and delivery experience.

Check out the video recipe for cooking ‘Mix Veg in Yogurt Curry.’ It is pretty easy to cook and super delicious.

As it’s a different recipe, you can try it with Naan or tandoor paratha. Rice lovers can also mix it with Jeera rice for a delicious mealtime. GroceryBabu also has different types of Naan available to be ordered online when planning to cook the recipe.

Delicious Recipes, isn’t it?

We all love to have our favorite Indian food. Indeed, we miss the delicious Indian recipes that were a part of our daily lunch and dinner. GroceryBabu is one of the Indian online grocery delivery stores in NJ that help you get various Indian groceries delivered to your doorstep. We also have some amazing new Indian snacks arrival that might impress your tastebuds. You can either visit our official website by logging on to www.grocerybabu.com or can download our Indian grocery delivery near me app on your smartphone.

Happy Shopping! Happy Eating!

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