3 Easy and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Potato Recipes

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3 Easy and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Potato Recipes

3 Easy and Delicious Ways to Enjoy Potato Recipes

Suppose food ingredients are compared with the cricketing role – no doubt the Potato will be titled, All-rounder. No matter if it’s your date dinner, Thanksgiving side dishes, or an occasional family gathering dinner, potatoes are perhaps the most active ingredient.  If you are looking for the potato dishes option, we have collected the top 3 easy and delicious potato recipes for you—order Indian grocery online from GroceryBabu – Your all-in-one place for all kinds of grocery items.

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3 Amazing and delightful recipes using potatoes

Is there any dish, which doesn’t accept Potato as the main or side ingredient? Hard to find the answer. Follow the below recipes for the all-time savior potato. And if you think that from where to order Indian grocery order onlineGroceryBabu is the place.

1.   Garlic Potato Corn

Make this exquisite dish with the use of Tangy potatoes, corn, and added flavor of garlic. Get all the ingredients mentioned below as we are known for Indian grocery online delivery.

Garlic Potato Corn Recipe

Steps for preparation

  • Take a fresh set of potatoes – wash it and boil them.
  • Chop them in 2 pieces.
  • Take fresh Corn kernel – Wash it and make it clean. Then boil it.
  • Take out the excess water.
  • Prepare the garlic chutney using – Red Chilli powder, Coriander cumin powder, Amchur, Garlic Paste, water, and crushed red chilies.

Cooking Direction

  • Take a non-stick pan and a certain amount of oil. Then heat it in on mid-low temperature.
  • Then after taking cumin seeds.
  • Once it starts, changes color, then add the potatoes along with salt (As per the taste)
  • Let them turn crispy on the high flame.
  • Now, take the corn kernel, add them along with salt.
  • Once Potato and corn are mixed well, add garlic chutney and let all the mixture heat on low flame.
  • Sauté it on high flame till the point oil comes out.
  • Remove the flames, and the dish is ready to serve.

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2.   Stuffed Potato

These potatoes are a perfect side dish for anything from smoked salmon to lasagna to steak. They’re also a hearty appetizer that’s great to indulge while watching the match or to consume as a meal with a large bowl of soup or a salad.

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Stuffed Potato

Steps for preparation

  • Take ginger, red chili, garlic and grind them along with that, boil the tomatoes.
  • Take Khoya (Grated)
  • Now take the potatoes and chop them half.
  • Add salt and deep fry it.
  • Once they are a little chilly after frying, scoop the Potato from the middle for filling.
  • Take mint, cilantro, fennel seeds, green chili, and corn – Grind it together.
  • Now, mix the potatoes with a combination of salt and ground mixture.

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Cooking Direction

  • Take a pan and heat butter in it.
  • Now, add Khoya (Grated) and let it fry for about 2-3 minutes.
  • Add the tomato puree and cook it until the oil breaks out.
  • Add Kasturi Methi, vindaloo paste, salt, sugar and garam masala powder as per requirement.
  • Now with the addition of water, let it cook for about 8-10 minutes.
  • Add some cream and mix it well.
  • Take a greased baking tray, put stuffed potatoes with corn filling, and bake it in an oven for 180 degrees for about 10 minutes.
  • Take the stuffed Potato on a serving tray and garnish it with gravy.

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3.   Drumstick Potato

A basic mixture of the drumstick with potatoes, onions, and tomatoes, coupled with conventional heating and a few easy-to-use seasoning powders, yields a beautiful recipe that will make you lick your fingers with glee! The best part is that this method is ultimately a no-fuss operation, utilizing natural, daily ingredients.  If you are looking for a platform with Indian grocery online delivery, Grocery Babu is the place.

Drumstick Potato Recipe

Steps for preparation

  • Take Garlic (Must be finely crushed)
  • Take Tomatoes (Must be finely chopped)
  • Take Cilantro (Must be finely chopped)

Cooking Direction

  • Have a non-stick pan and heat oil at medium temperature.
  • Add washed finely chopped diced potatoes, turmeric powder, garlic, cumin seeds, salt, and mix it well.
  • Add about 1.5 cups of water with washed drumsticks and salt according to taste.
  • Cover the pan and cook it for nearly 20 minutes.
  • Now, it’s time to add coriander-cumin powder, red chili powder, chopped tomatoes, and sugar (if you need)
  • Mix all the things thoroughly and cook them on medium heat.
  • Cover the pan for about 5 minutes.
  • Add the finely chopped cilantro and mix it till the oil breaks out.

Bottom Line

So, here are our top 3 picks of potato dishes. There are multiple uses of Potato, and there is always room for innovation with the Potato. I hope you will try these delicious dishes soon.  Order Indian grocery online through GroceryBabu, as we are the leading Indian grocery brand in the USA.

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