3 Healthy and Easy Egg Recipes for Sunday Breakfast

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3 Healthy and Easy Egg Recipes for Sunday Breakfast

Sundays are cherished for relaxation. Sundays are meant for waking up late from the bed. Indeed, Sundays are adored for having your favourite breakfast. How about going egg-cited with egg recipes on a Sunday morning? GroceryBabu has brought you different, easy, and healthy egg recipes to make your Sunday morning exciting and refreshing. For all the ingredients included in our recipes, you can connect with GroceryBabu for Indian grocery online delivery across the USA.

Get Egg-cited with Our Egg Recipes

Eggs are the best source of protein. Doctors usually recommend having eggs because eggs can give a significant boost to your body’s immunity by consuming it daily for protein intake. Above all, GroceryBabu delivers fresh and healthy Indian groceries to cook your favourite egg recipes in the USA. You can quickly log on to Indian grocery online shopping with one click.

What eggs are your favourite?

Today eggs are available in different types such as brown eggs, white eggs, jumbo eggs, Omega-3 eggs, double yolk eggs, desi-eggs, premium eggs, etc. It all depends on your body’s requirement about the type of egg that you wish to consume. But you can try any of these recipes using your favourite egg type. And as mentioned above, visit our Indian grocery online delivery store for buying your favourite Indian groceries online.

Health Benefits of Consuming Eggs

Eggs are considered as an eggetarian food. It is neither a pure vegetarian food nor a complete non-vegetarian dish. Eggs are one of the best ways to boost your health condition because it has excellent nutrients to deliver. Science suggests having 3 whole eggs per day for one person. Up to 3 eggs, the consumption is considered healthy.

Let us discuss how eggs are highly beneficial for your health.

  • Eggs are a rich source of protein. Consuming eggs daily boosts the condition and quality of both hair and skin.
  • Consuming eggs can help your body with improved immunity as it helps in fighting various allergies. It also helps in fighting cancer.
  • To cure anaemia, doctors generally recommend Eggs.
  • Eggs raise HDL- the good cholesterol in our body
  • Consumption of eggs daily promotes brain health
  • Brown eggs are also a rich source of Omega-3
  • A single boiled egg contains 6 grams of proteins and nine essential amino acids for building strong muscles.
  • Eggs are also considered best for the eyes. It also helps in preventing cataract.

Top 3 Egg Recipes by Chefbabu

Let us discuss the top three egg recipes by Chefbabu. You must log on to GroceryBabu for Indian grocery online delivery across the USA. The portal serves all types of Indian groceries and spices to make every Indian food anywhere in the USA.

1.   Masala Deviled Eggs

Have you heard about Masala Deviled Eggs before? This exclusive recipe is made with sweet corn stuff in the eggs. It looks deliciously yummy and is a perfect combination of good taste and excellent health.

Masala Deviled Eggs


1) Hard boil eggs.
2) Coarsely crush Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels and Green chillies.


1) Cut boiled eggs vertically into 2 pieces.
2) Pick out Egg Yolk delicately.
3) Mix Crushed Frozen Sweet Corn Kernels, Crushed Green Chilies, 4 halves of Boiled Egg Yolks, Sooji, Crushed Red Chilli & Salt well.
4) Fill Corn mixture into boiled Egg White delicately in each piece.
5) On medium-low flame heat Oil in a non-stick pan.
6) Place stuffed Eggs Halves, turn upside down each and cook until little crispy.

Serve hot to get the most delicious taste of the corn stuffing. For preparing the Masala deviled eggs- you will require to buy Semolina, Green chillies, Red Chillies Crushed and Sweet Corn Kernels. For all the Indian grocery online shopping, visit GroceryBabu.

2.   Egg Toasty

Do you love half fried eggs? Half-fried eggs are a favourite of many people, including me. The Egg toasty recipe is prepared with half fried eggs on toast spread with pasta seasoning and tomato ketchup. It is an ideal recipe for families who have teenagers at home. It is mostly made for those who love eggs with different varieties, including pasta and toast.

Egg Toasty


1) Toast 4 Bread Slices in Toaster
2) In 0.5 Cup Tomato Ketchup add 1 Tablespoon Pasta Seasoning, 2 Teaspoon Red Chilli Crushed and mix well.


1) Heat Pan on Low flame, add 5 gm Salted Butter, 40 gm Thick Onion Rings, sprinkle Salt & Black Pepper Powder as per taste and sauté little.
2) Remove from flame.
3) Heat Small Pan on low flame, add 5 gm Salted Butter and break egg delicately.
4) Sprinkle salt & Black Pepper Powder as per taste.
5) Cover & Cook for 30 Sec. approx. And remove from flame.
6) Spread Tomato Mixture on Bread Toast generously & place Half Fried Egg on toast.
7) Do the same with each egg.

You can buy most of the stuff by visiting GroceryBabu- the perfect Indian grocery online delivery store across the USA.

3.   Tandoori Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are the healthiest ways to have eggs. Tandoori Boiled Eggs are prepared with the seasoning of peri-peri, which makes it extra luscious and yummy. Let us check the preparations and video.

Tandoori Boiled Eggs


1) Hard boil 4 Eggs well.
2) Mix Peri-Peri Seasoning & Garam Masala in a bowl. Well.


1) Cut Boiled Eggs into 2 Pcs. Each.
2) On a low flame, non-stick heat pan adds 10 gm Salted Butter and place Boiled Egg Halves delicately.
3) Sauté well and turn upside down.
4) Sprinkle salt & Black Pepper Powder as per taste and turn again.
5) Cook until little crispy and place in round delicately in Big Bowl.
6) In the same pan heat 5 gm Butter, add 5 gm Garlic Slices, 30 gm Thin Onion Rings and mix well.
7) TURN OFF FLAME. Add prepared masala mix and mix well.
8) Place this mixture on each Egg Half evenly.
9) For better tandoori taste without an oven, place the small cup in the middle of Egg Round in a big bowl.
10) On stove flame directly, place charcoal CAREFULLY.
11) Heat piece of charcoal which should be done carefully with extreme caution for safety.
12) TURN OFF FLAME. Place hot charcoal in a small cup in a big bowl.
13) Add a few drops of Oil and cover & keep for 3 mins.
14) The charcoal’s smoke would give Boiled Eggs it’s Charcoal flavour.
15) Take 0.5 cup water in a bowl and keep charcoal in water for at least 1 minute to ensure it is cooled before discarding.

Tandoori Boiled eggs taste great when served hot with Peri-Peri seasoning. It is one of the fantastic egg recipes to cook for breakfast.

Wrapping Up

When you love eggs, you must prepare different egg recipes for maintaining fantastic health and body. Do not worry about buying the fresh and healthy recipe ingredients as GroceryBabu Indian grocery online delivery store serves the best Indian groceries in the USA.

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