5 Easy Weeknight Meals to Add to Your Rotation

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Top 5 picks for Weeknight Meals

5 Easy Weeknight Meals to Add to Your Rotation

Do you get trapped in a caterpillar for your weeknight meals? You’re not the only one here! This curated list of recipes for a weeknight meal will give you some fabulous inspiration to add taste and variation to your weekly routine. Just search “Indian groceries store near me” and get all the required groceries in one place.

2020 has been the worst for all of us, and in 2021 – we have not finished with it, many people are still suffering. But the epidemic has changed the dynamics of life altogether. People of the USA, especially India, have moved on to order Indian groceries online instead of physical shopping.

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As per the reports, if we talk about the moderate case of the shopping of groceries online, it is expected to grow up to 55% while in the severe case it is expected to grow up to 66%. No wonder how the trend of Indian groceries online is changing drastically.

Top 5 picks for Weeknight Meals

These tasty meals are the finest of homemade cuisine, we’ve gathered the perfect recipe guide for a simple weeknight meal that’s great for home-cooking.

1.   Grilled Chicken served with peanut sauce.

The chicken dishes are the favourite of almost everyone. This is the perfect match for your weeknight meal. Why?

  • This dish can prepare it in 20-30 minutes.
  • The sauce is spicy, creamy and a bit tangy, which is suitable for all tongues.
  • It goes perfectly well with the wine.

You can prepare the peanut sauce using Lime juice, peanut butter, cilantro, garlic, sriracha, Soy sauce, Fish sauce, Brown sugar and water. There is only one answer to which Indian grocery store near me? GroceryBabu.

2.   Crockpot Lasagna

This lasagne crockpot is so simple, and it’s a recipe that my entire family enjoys. Don’t get us wrong now, it may not taste as real as an authentic classic Italian lasagna, but it’s great for those crazy nights where you know you won’t have time to have dinner and want to put something else in the crockpot before the kids get home from school.

It just takes 10 minutes to plan, and the slow cooker does the rest of the job.  Type “Indian groceries store near me” and get the outstanding services of GroceryBabu.

Top 5 picks for Weeknight Meals
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3.   Oven-Baked homemade French fries

There may be a lot of stuff you didn’t know for French fries, but how to cook them doesn’t have to be one. Fancy and homemade French fries are the ideal side dish for something, but you should eat a plate of them and call it a snack.

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4.   Easy Quesadilla

It’s time to meet one of them through recipes when you have significantly less time preparing dinner. The recipe will take 10 -15 minutes to prepare. It’s Mexican grilled cheese if you like, and if you want, you can add extra fillings. These quesadillas are filled with vegetables and some protein beans.

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5.   Creamy Pesto Shrimp Pasta

If you are looking for something too cock seafood at home – Don’t miss this fantastic recipe. With specific skills and enthusiasm, you can prepare this just in 30 minutes. If you are looking for an online store to buy these groceries, only search Indian groceries near me and get the work done with GroceryBabu.

Bottom Line

So, we are summing up our most sufficient collection of Easy weeknight meals. I Hope, you would have enjoyed it and will try something very soon. The only one answer, if you are having this question “which are the Indian groceries store near me?” GroceryBabu.

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