5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having Cottage Cheese Recipes

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Cottage Cheese Recipes by GroceryBabu

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Having Cottage Cheese Recipes

Popularly known as ‘Paneer’, the cottage cheese is one of the healthy dairy ingredients that is considered highly beneficial for your health. Cottage cheese is the full and dense form of cream milk. Paneer is quite popular in India and is highly utilised to cook main course meals in Northern India. According to USDA, 100 grams of cottage cheese serves 11 grams of protein. Let us unveil some amazing health benefits of having popular cottage cheese recipes for dinner or lunch. For amazing Paneer Varieties, click GroceryBabu to order Indian grocery online.

How to make Paneer/Cottage Cheese at Home?

Cottage Cheese aka Paneer can be easily made at home by curdling the cream milk. Adding a little of lemon juice or vinegar while curdling the milk can make Paneer easily. After the milk is curdled, you will find the cottage cheese that can be collected in a muslin cloth or an open vessel to set it firm. Once the cottage cheese is firm, you can either store it in the fridge or can directly utilise it for making cottage cheese recipes at home.

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Cottage Cheese

While you are planning to order Indian grocery online in USA for preparing delicious cottage cheese recipes, how about unveiling its health benefits? Be it kids, young adults, or older adults- the health benefits of cottage cheese are the same for everyone despite their age and gender. Here is why we consider it as a miracle dairy ingredient for building strong body and muscles.

1.   Builds Muscles

While you are busy ordering Indian groceries online USA, let me tell you- you are ordering one of the best dairy ingredients that are best to maintain great bones as well as teeth. Cottage cheese recipes can surprisingly help your muscles to grow with great hormones output. As the paneer is rich in protein, it is obvious to gain great muscles with its consumption.

There is a myth that cottage cheese increases weight, but it is the other way round. Consumption of paneer in your diet reduces extra fats and thereby helps in building a great muscular body. You can try the awesome Palak Paneer Recipe that is filled with the goodness of iron, protein and folate. Buy the ready to cook Palak Paneer frozen with GroceryBabu- the one and only platform to order Indian grocery online with ease.

Palak Paneer Recipe

2.   Best for Women During Pregnancy

Pregnant women are generally advised to have more calcium-based foods. Paneer aka cottage cheese has a rich source of calcium. It is indeed highly advisable for women during their pregnancy as it helps in fulfilling the calcium intake in a vital way. The foetus also requires a great amount of calcium intake for being born with strong bones. Having regular cottage cheese recipes during the pregnancy can help women with great calcium intake, which helps in keeping both mother and baby healthy.

Pregnant women love to have delicious meals. The readymade Paneer sabji masala can help to enhance the taste of your regular paneer recipes. You can buy MDH Shahi Paneer Masala by visiting GroceryBabu that serves with Indian groceries online USA.

3.   Rich in Protein

As shared above, USDA has mentioned that 100 grams of cottage cheese serve 11 grams of protein. It is indeed a great source to fulfil daily protein requirements. If you are amongst the few people who does not like to consume cottage cheese, then you can even grind the paneer and can use it to make different cottage cheese recipes. You can also try making Paneer Vada and other unique paneer recipes where one does not realise having paneer as the main ingredient of the dish.

Vada prepared with cottage cheese

4.   Maintains Blood Sugar Levels

Because cottage cheese is filled with a great amount of magnesium, it helps in maintaining great heart health as well as helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. There are various ways of consuming cottage cheese, hence you can buy different paneer snacks as well online from GroceryBabu- the perfect platform to order Indian grocery online in the USA.

5.   Rich in Folate

Folate is the B-complex vitamin that is not easily found in ingredients. Cottage cheese recipes deliver a great amount of folate along with other healthy vitamins and minerals. Therefore, we advise elderly adults as well as expecting mothers to consume paneer in their regular diet. Folate also helps in red blood cells production.

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