Celebrate Idles of March with a home party: Add Indian Cuisine on the Menu

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idles of march

Celebrate Idles of March with a home party: Add Indian Cuisine on the Menu

The Idles of March is a turning point in Roman History. It is celebrated in the Roman style across many countries, including the USA. Today, the tradition has become more vital towards the family or friends gathering, throwing a home party and cooking favourite dishes. If this year’s ‘Idles of March’ is a dream party, how about cooking and baking some delicious Indian cuisines?

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Throw a home party, give a pleasant surprise

Roman or Italian Cuisine is readily available in USA restaurants. Also, if you are celebrating the Idles of March, for sure you are a Romanian or an American. It is not unique to cook Italian being a Romanian on this special day. How about baking and cooking some great Indian dishes for your party guests? I am sure; your guests will love the Indian food that is freshly prepared to buy Indian groceries and spices in the USA.

Idles of March Special Dishes

The Roman food dishes that are popular during the idles are Pear Patina, Lamb Stew, Sausages, crudities, devilled eggs, stuffed celery, Posca drink, Wine, etc. We all have these dishes during the Idles from an extended period. It is the time to celebrate March Idles 2020 uniquely. How about eating pure vegetarian food and going green with delicious Indian delicacies?

Cook Italian dishes in the Indian way

Italian dishes are highly prevalent in India. Chefs and food outlet owners try the Indian spices for cooking Italian and Roman dishes to make it more flavourful and spicy. You can also try to make some Indian dishes in the roman style or roman dishes in the Italian style for making this year’s Idles memorable and cheerful.

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