Makhana-Mango Rocks 20minutes 4
Mango Pulp & Mango Ice Cream With Phool Makhana
1) Keep Deep Alphonso Mango Pulp in fridge to chill it.
1) Heat Ghee for deep frying.
2) Deep fry Phool Makhana at smoking point on medium flame till golden brown.
3) Remove in a flat plate.
4) Sprinkle Salt and Black Pepper Powder as per taste.
5) Add(sprinkle like)4 tblsp. of hot ghee on it and mix well lightly.
6) Remove in serving bowl and toss & Keep it aside.
7) At the time of serving,take 4 ice cream bowls.Place Deep's Reena's Mango Ice Cream Cup upside down,one in each bowl. (instead of cup ice cream,can use bigger pack of Reena's Mango Ice Cream and scoop out)
8) Now pour chilled Deep Alphonso Mango Pulp equally on ice cream immediately.
Serve For: 4 Persons
Total cooking time: 20minutes
Serve fried Phool Makhana and Mango Rocks together.
Ingredients Quantity Add to Cart
Mango Ice Cream 4 Cup
Popped Lotus Seed ( Phool Makhana ) 3.53 Oz
Alphonso Mango Pulp 3.5 Cup
Salt As Required to Taste
Black Pepper Powder As Per Required
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