Cheese Vada 40-45 mins. 15
Cheesy Feel Vada
1) Take Deep Dahi Vada Instant Mix.
2) Add Red Chilli Crushed and mix well.
3) Add water and make batter as per direction on the pack.
4) Keep it aside at least for 20 mins.
5) Cut Cheese into cubes and keep it in the fridge.
Note:Do Not use Salty Cheese.
1) Heat oil in a wok.
2) Whip the batter again.
3) Dip Cheese Cube into batter and deep fry till golden brown in color & little crispy.
4) Do the same with all Cheese Cubes.
5) Make sure, the layer of batter should be little more thick.
P.S.After deep frying,the cheese will be melt inside,so, it will be look like white liquid AS IF the batter is UNCOOKED( WHICH IS NOT ).
Serve For: 4-6 Persons
Total cooking time: 40-45 mins.
Serve hot with Mirch Masala Masti Chutney or Mirch Masala Mint Chutney and Tomato Ketch up.
Ingredients Quantity Add to Cart
Cheese 7.05 Oz
Red Chilli Crushed 6 Teaspoon
Dahi Vada Instant Mix 14.11 Oz
Tomato Ketchup As Per Required
Mint Chutney As Per Required
Masti Chutney As Per Required
Oil for deep frying As Per Required
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