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Buttery Roasted Boiled Kabuli Chana With Tangy Masala
1) Soak washed Kabuli Chana in 3 Cups of Lukewarm Water for 4 hours.
2) On high flame, 3 whistle pressure cook Kabuli Chana with Water adding Salt.
3) Drain excess water in strainer.
4) Boil Potatoes and cut into dices.
5) Finely chop Tomatoes, Onions, Green Chilies and Cilantro.
1) On high flame heat 1 Tablespoon Oil in non-stick pan.

2) Add Salt, dice cut Boiled Potatoes and stir/toss until little crispy.
3) Remove in bowl leaving Oil in a pan.
4) TURN ON LOW FLAME & in same pan add Cashews to roast by stirring frequently until done.
5) REMOVE FROM PAN and Turn on medium flame.
6) In same pan add Salted Butter, as it starts melting immediately add Boiled Kabuli Chana.
7) Stir well for approx. 5 mins. until wrinkled skin of Chana shown.
8) Remove in big mixing bowl and let it cool down to room temperature .
9) Spread evenly Chopped Tomatoes, Crispy diced Potatoes, Chopped Onions, Chopped Green Chilies, Red Chilli Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Amchur Powder, Salt, Chopped Cilantro, Lemon Juice, Pan roast Cashews and mix well gently.
10) Add Aloo Bhujia, mix well delicately.
Serve For: 4 Person
Total cooking time: 30 mins.
SERVE IMMEDIATELY with any Deep Drink
Ingredients Quantity Add to Cart
Garbanzo Beans ( Kabuli Chana ) 200 Gms
Salted Butter 20 Gms
Chopped Green Chilies 2 Tablespoon
Dry Mango Powder ( Amchur Powder ) 2 Teaspoon
Cashews 15 Piece
Boiled Potatoes Diced 100 Gms
Red Chilli Powder 1.5 Teaspoon
Oil 1 Tablespoon
Chopped Tomatoes 1 Cup
Black Pepper Powder 1 Teaspoon
Chopped Cilantro 0.5 Cup
Lemon Juice 0.5 Tablespoon
Chopped Onion 0.25 Cup
Aloo Bhujia 0.25 Cup
Salt As Per Required
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