GroceryBabu: 5 Best Indian Snacks Items to Order

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5 Best Indian Snacks Items to Order

GroceryBabu: 5 Best Indian Snacks Items to Order

A snack is a minimal amount of food eaten during meals. Indian snacks are always ranking top when it comes to taste as they are joyful, delicious, and healthy at the same time. If you are looking to make some Indian snacks search online Indian grocery near me – get all the required ingredients from our GroceryBabu store.

Don’t worry; we have the option of Indian groceries home delivery. But the center of attraction here is, when it comes to Indian snacks, there are many options. So, what to make? We have brought you the best five all-time Indian snacks to order.

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5 Best Indian Snacks items to order

Suppose you are not sure what Indian snack to have and what to not! Take a chill pill; we have sorted things for you. One more thing before we take off to the delicious ride – if you want any of these snacks readily available – buy Indian groceries online from here.

1.   Double Methi Masala Khakhra

Double Methi Khakhra is considered one of the healthiest tummy fillers in Indian snacks. A single Khakhara consists of nearly 40-45 calories and is made with wheat flour as a base ingredient.

Whole wheat flour is ideal for people with diabetes. Whole wheat grain is abundant in phosphorus, a significant mineral that works together with calcium to make up our bones.

All you need to make Double Methi masala Khakhara is – whole wheat flour, Kasoori Methi, Salt as required, two teaspoons of cooking oil, and water. Just search online Indian grocery near me and do your Indian grocery online shopping from GroceryBabu’s exclusive store.

2.   Bajri Dhebra

It is one of the most famous Indian snacks, often termed as Thepla – which Indians, especially Gujarati, prefer morning and evening tea.

This is a popular deep-fried Gujarati snack made of whole wheat flour, deliciously flavored with spice powder, bajra, and ginger, garlic, and green chilies.

Curds and jaggery in bajra Methi Dhebra help to hold the dough bound while at the same time giving the dhebras a delicious taste and crispness. You may eat it instantly or cool it and lock it in an airtight jar for at most a day or two.

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3.   Red/Green Chilly Khichiya

Khichiya Papad is also referred to as a Thin Indian wafer. This delightful Indian snack is ready to make and eat form. It is made up of Rice and not Maida.

Khichiya’s are better kept in an airtight jar for at least a year. Occasionally, bring them out in an airy position so that they can be stored appropriately.

The primary ingredients are rice flour, green chilies, cumin seed, and salt. They are dried rice chips with Indian spices that can be either deeply fired or just grilled as both tastes awesome. Khichiya’s are typically eaten as a side snack to a meal in India.

It is often taken as a side snack with lunch or dinner; either with various topping and chutney or even people love with sliced onions. Buy the buy Indian groceries online to make such green and red chilly Khichiya.

4.   Peanut Chikki

Peanut Chikki is the Peanut Brittle Indian variant. It’s made of peanuts, jaggery, and nothing else. It’s a favorite in Indian homes during the winters. While you can get lots of different flavors and variations when it comes to Chikki, peanut Chikki is the most basic and simplest form of chikki.

There are various benefits of having peanut chikki – such as peanuts contain health benefiting nutrients, minerals, rich in energy and vitamin, which is healthy for a human.

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5.   Fafda

Fafda is a crispy, crunchy, delicious, yummy snack made of besan, laced with black pepper and carom seeds. It’s a typical vegan snack in Gujarati. For many Indians, it is a synonym for a snack. However, many households try to make the Fafda but fail to taste the same as what they get in shops.

It is generally served with the besan chutney and papaya sambharo. You don’t need bulk of materials to create Fafda. Typically, people use baking soda for it.

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Bottom Line

So, Here our top picks for Indian Snacks. These snacks can be served as your regular weekday snacks or weekend snacks. Buy Indian groceries online and Indian snacks from GroceryBabu.

Eat healthily. Stay Healthy. Sayonara. Search online Indian grocery near me to get services of GroceryBabu.

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