Healthy Indian Snacks Recipes to Fuel Your Black Friday Shopping

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Healthy Indian Snacks Recipes to Fuel Your Black Friday Shopping

Healthy Indian Snacks Recipes to Fuel Your Black Friday Shopping

I am sure many of you have already had your black Friday deals and coupons ready for shopping. Be it online or physical shopping, shopping is always time-consuming and tiring. So, have you planned anything better for your evening Indian snacks recipes to fuel your Black Friday shopping boredom? We at GroceryBabu- your Indian grocery online shopping store in the USA have brought to you the most exciting and healthy snacks recipes for your Black-Friday evening.

Why Indian Snacks Recipes?

Indian food is one of the food types that is considered extremely healthy and tasty. Yes, it is a rare combination that here you get both the lip-smacking taste as well as necessary proteins and minerals. On the other hand, Indian recipes are little heavy as they contain the use of oil, ghee including other spices, vegetables, and dairy products. Being an Indian grocery store online in the USA, we want Indians to prepare their favourite Indian recipes at home.

So, here we begin with the top three Indian Snacks Recipe Videos with their preparation method, cooking tips and more. For buying Indian groceries online visit our Indian grocery online shopping store in the USA. We have in store various Indian spices, pulses, Indian brand snacks and many other grocery items for your Indian kitchen.

Top Indian Snack Recipes

1.   Egg Toasty

If you love the goodness of brown toast with your favourite eggs, then it is one of the best Indian style snacks recipe to prepare for the evening. Eggs are rich in protein and for the recipe you also must chop some tomatoes, which makes it healthier and more nutritious.

Egg toasty is best accompanied with Masala Indian Tea. I am sure that being in the USA, you must be missing your favourite cup of tea with bread toast. Here is how you must prepare the Egg toasty Indian Snacks Recipe and fuel your Black Friday shopping.

Healthy Egg Toasty Recipe

2.   Tangy Soya and Paneer

One of the most Indian styles snacks recipes prepared with the goodness of soya paneer bell pepper in a tangy sauce. You must visit our Indian grocery online shopping store for buying Paneer and soya online.

Preparation Method:

  1. Chop yellow and red bell pepper into square pieces
  2. Make small cube pieces from Paneer slab
  3. Grate onion finely.
  4. Next, Wash soya chunks. Later pressure-cook it adding salt and 1 cup of water. Pressure cook it for 2 whistles on a medium flame.
  5. Later, add 2 cups of water in a cooking pot for boiling it. And add one tablespoon oil followed by the chopped paneer cubes.
  6. Once it is boiled, keep it aside.
  7. Drain excess water and place paneer in 1 cup of water in the bowl to cool down.

Watch Cooking Video

Delicious Paneer Recipes with the goodness of soya

3.   Paneer Sandwich Pakora

If you want heavy snacks for the evening, then you must try Paneer Sandwich Pakora. It is deep-fried Paneer recipe with the goodness of gram flour. Here is the preparation method for your reference.

Preparation Summary

  1. Get some gram flour (besan) and rice flour. Mix it well.
  2. Add some salt, turmeric powder, ajman seeds, amchur powder, sooji, and asafoetida with the mixed flour.
  3. Later, add one cup of water and mix it to make a thick batter. Keep it aside for ten minutes.
  4. Cut paneer pieces and mix it in the batter before deep fry.

Serve it hot with yoghurt dip. You shall visit our Indian grocery online shopping store for buying gram flour, chickpeas flour, mint leaves, sooji and many other Indian grocery items online.

Watch Cooking Video

Yummy Paneer Sandwich Pakora

Summing Up

So, hope our healthy Indian snacks recipes make your black Friday evening more pleasing and amazing. And do not forget to buy Indian groceries from our Indian grocery online shopping store in NJ, USA. We serve across the USA with frozen shipping service to maintain a good quality of the groceries or snacks.

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