How does Spinach add Nutrition to Your Favourite Recipes?

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Spinach Recipes by GroceryBabu

How does Spinach add Nutrition to Your Favourite Recipes?

Spinach is considered as the superfood for vegetarians. The green leafy herb is packed with a lot of nutrition with a low-calorie package. There are many myths regarding how the Spinach recipes should be consumed for intaking more nutritional value. We instead suggest that intaking this energy-packed green leafy vegetable with any accompaniment is beneficial for your health.

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5 Amazing Spinach Facts

The superfood spinach has many nutritional secrets that we are going to share with you.

#1: As per the USDA, a bunch of Spinach weighing 100 grams contains 28.1mg of Vitamin C. And the same complete 34% of the daily recommendation for an adult.

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#2: A 100 gram serving of raw Spinach as salads and juice contains 2.71 mg iron whereas cooked Spinach contains 3.57 mg of iron. Science says that iron abortion is highly inspired by your body’s existing iron intake as well as other foods that are accompanied with your meals.

#3: Spinach is considered as the superfood because it has incredible nutritional value. It is a rich source of magnesium, iron, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin C, protein, and nitrates.

#4: Spinach contains a fantastic antioxidant called ‘Kaempferol’ that lowers the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases.

#5: Consumption of Spinach is good for the eyes. You can keep your eyes healthy even after crossing 50+ years by consuming Spinach regularly.

Add Nutrition to your Recipes with Spinach

The best thing about Spinach is that it goes with both vegetables as well as lentils. Hence, you get a variety of recipe options to cook for both lunch and dinner with Spinach. Moreover, spinach juices, spinach soups and spinach salad are also trendy in many Indian and European restaurants.

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Top 3 Spinach Recipes for Adding Nutrition

There are varieties of spinach recipes that add nutrition value to your diet. Spinach is best cooked with Paneer, Yellow Lentils and Wheat Flour for enhancing the nutritional value of our methods. Let’s explore some of the famous and best spinach recipes to make you feel more energetic and active.

1.  Spinach Paratha

The goodness of wheat flour and nutritional value of Spinach can be mixed for making delicious and super healthy ‘Spinach Parathas’. These Parathas look green in colour and are genuinely scrumptious when accompanied with curd or green chutney (Buy Mint Chutney Online at GroceryBabu, Online Grocery Delivery NJ). Here is the recipe description for your reference.


1) Pressure cook Ratalu, Sweet Potato & Dum Aloo altogether.

2) Thaw Palak.

3) Finely chop Green Chilies.

palak paratha recipe | spinach paratha recipe | palak ka paratha
Palak Paratha


1) Mash Ratalu, Sweet Potato & Dum Aloo.

2) Add Spinach, mix well.

3) Mix Bhakri Flour, Ladu Besan, Green Chilies, Sesame Seeds, Amchur Powder, Cumin seeds, Ginger-Garlic Paste, Red Chili Crush, Oil, salt & mix well.

4) Mix both mixtures & knead into a semi-soft dough.


6) Make equal size small ball.

7) Griddle and roll out each ball into a flat paratha.

8) Cook each paratha on both sides on medium-low flame using a little Ghee, till brown spots appear.

2.  Palak Chole

Very few people know that chickpeas and Spinach together make a delicious and super-healthy recipe for lunch or dinner. We have got an exclusive video for you to help you cook Palak Chole for the weekend.

Palak Chole Recipe by ChefBabu

3.  Dal Palak

Yellow lentils, i.e. Moong Dal, goes well with Spinach. The yummy dal Palak recipe is one of the most delicious lentils recipes that can be enjoyed with jeera or plain rice (if you keep the consistency watery). It also goes well with paratha and curry (if you follow the consistency medium or tough).

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Here is an exclusive video to help you with the preparation of Dal Palak.

Dal Palak Recipe by Chefbabu

4.   Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is one of the most popular spinach recipes that is prepared with the goodness of cottage cheese and clarified butter. You can buy the garam masala and other grocery ingredients online by visiting GroceryBabu, online grocery delivery NJ store. The store serves all types of Indian groceries, including chopped paneer for preparing Palak Paneer.

Palak Paneer Recipe by Chefbabu

Wrapping Up

Spinach is one of the most nutritious green leafy vegetables for veg-lovers. You can quickly cook Spinach in different ways, depending on your taste preferences. Also, if you are residing in the USA and are looking for Indian groceries online, then you can visit GroceryBabu – one-stop store for buying fresh Indian groceries in NJ and USA.

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