Scrumptious Green Peas Recipes

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Scrumptious Green Peas Recipes

Indian food recipes are famous worldwide. Not only Indians, but everyone wants to cook delicious Indian cuisine to make their evening happening. We as Indians always crave for Indian food and many more dishes. However, we stay in any part of the world; we have a small child within us who still demands the same spiciness and tangy food which is always felt less in ethnic cuisine.

The people of the USA had always wanted an India based online delivery store which can help them to get their favourite Indian groceries. GroceryBabu is a one-stop-shop that offers all types of Indian grocery items for everyone in the USA. Just a click and your favourite grocery ingredients will be delivered by the store anywhere in the USA.

One of such fantastic grocery item is ‘Green Peas’. Green Peas is a popular cooking ingredient for many cuisines including Indian, Italian and Chinese. Here’s an exclusive blog for you to make you closer with the best and scrumptious Green Peas Recipes that can be quickly cooked at home.

Yummilicious Green Peas Recipes

1.Rava Green Peas Tikki

Rava Green Peas Tikki

The Rava Green Peas is a local delicacy from India for which you can buy the ingredients from our website at GroceryBabu. You can easily cook Rava green peas Tikki after buying fresh green peas. It is a perfect evening snack which is full of flavors that you guys often crave for in the USA. This dish is also crunchy, which add flavors in an evening where you spend your quality time with your loved ones in your corridor or balcony and is healthy as well.

It is prepared from peas and semolina dough stuffed with a variety of ingredients like boiled peas, ginger and garlic paste, green chilli, salt and lemon. The same ingredients are further ground to a fine paste. Later, you can shape the balls into tikkis and shallow fry it in oil over a hot pan until it is golden brown.

2.Green peas Paratha

Green peas Paratha

We as Indians are very much acquainted with paratha, which is a staple food for most of the Indians. As it is quite easy to cook and it is easy to carry for a more extended period of around 24-48 hours and can be eaten with anything possible. More than this, the food is the soul of most of the North Indians.

There is nothing more satisfying and comforting like ordering online grocery from leading Indian grocery stores like GroceryBabu in the USA for making peas paratha. Peas paratha is made up of a blend of boiled peas in a grinder and then add coconut, ginger paste, turmeric powder, coriander leaves, red chillies powder, garam masala powder, cumin seeds, lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

Further, mix this with the wheat flour mixture and knead just like a regular dough. And now place a round disc of paratha on a non-stick pan and pour some ghee. Then serve it with green chutney, garlic chutney or vegetable raita.

3.Green Peas Masala Sabji

Green Peas Masala Sabji

It is one of the favourite dishes across the Indian houses. For cooking delicious green peas masala sabji, you need to buy potatoes, green peas, tomato and coriander leaves. Later, you need to chop the potatoes in the cube shape.

Once the oil is heated on the pan, you need to add the regular ingredients and spices for making the sabji; including the green peas, chopped tomatoes and potatoes. Once the sabji is ready to serve, you can add coriander leaves. Garnished dishes always appear tastier to eyes.

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