Top 3 Kitty Party Chaat Recipes

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Top 3 Kitty Party Chaat Recipes

Top 3 Kitty Party Chaat Recipes

Kitty parties are the most exciting parties for women. It is a kind of personal space for many women who would like to have some light snacks with fun games and other entertainment activities. But often, the host of the kitty party is confused about the recipes that can be cooked with high tea. This blog will help you with the top three kitty party chaat recipes you can choose from while hosting your upcoming kitty party.

Hosting a kitty party soon?

Kitty party lovers or kitty party hosts will find some fantastic chaat recipes with our recipe blog. So are you ready to explore recipe videos and cooking preparations of these awesome recipes? Well, before you search on Google about the Indian grocery online near me, let me tell you- for all these recipes listed below, you will find all the Indian groceries available at GroceryBabu- an Indian grocery shop online in New Jersey.

1.   Kabuli Chana Chaat

Kabuli chana chaat is one of the delicious yet healthy chaat recipes that you can cook for your upcoming kitty party. It is best for pre-planned parties as the Kabuli chana needs to be soaked overnight or at least for some hours before making the chaat. Also, this recipe is a bit tangy in flavor, so you can ask your party mates if they are okay with having some tangy flavored chaat for the party at your place.

Kabuli Chana Chaat Recipe

All the recipes can be easily bought at GroceryBabu, the Indian grocery online NJ store with exclusive Indian spices, pulses, and frozen snacks.

2.   Sweet Corn Dal Chaat

Sweet corn chaat is one of the super healthy and unique chaat recipes that you can cook for your next kitty party. If you are worried about buying sweet corn kernels in the USA, you must not worry anymore. GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery shop online, can deliver it to your doorstep! You can find the recipe video here and order all the necessary groceries online by logging on to the GroceryBabu website or mobile app.

Sweet Corn Dal Chaat Recipe

Well, if your party mates are health conscious, you can surprise them by preparing the delicious and protein-rich, sweet corn dal chaat for your upcoming kitty party.

3.   Samosa Chaat

Indian samosa chaat is an all-time favorite recipe of many of us. It is a delicious chaat made with the goodness of samosa and varieties of other ingredients like chutney and fresh vegetables. Well, you can save your time and effort of cooking samosa at home by ordering it online from GroceryBabu.

GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery shop online, has varieties of samosas, including Delhi samosa with chutney, cocktail chana dal samosa, veg samosa, spinach paneer samosa, cocktail potato samosa, mixed vegetable samosa, Punjabi samosa, cheese onion samosa, etc. All these samosas can be ordered online and served as samosa chaat by breaking it into small pieces and mixing it with chutney and sev. For more flavor, you can also cut some onions and sprinkle them on the chat.

Ready for the party?

These amazing kitty party chaat recipes can help you host an amazing kitty party! For all the required groceries while cooking these chaat recipes, you can simply log on to GroceryBabu, your Indian grocery shop online in New Jersey. Downloading their apps can also help you buy Indian grocery online NJ on your iOS or Android device.

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