Top Five Indian Frozen Snacks To Order at Home in the USA

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Top Five Indian Frozen Snacks To Order at Home in the USA

Top Five Indian Frozen Snacks To Order at Home in the USA

Are you missing your favorite Indian snacks in the USA? Indians residing in the USA often think about Indian groceries online, offering the best rates. This blog is about the top five Indian frozen snacks that are super famous in the USA.  If you haven’t heard about GroceryBabu, the Indian grocery online delivery store, then it is the right time to get acquainted with it. The store is offering your favorite Indian snack brands at unbelievable rates in the USA.

Indian food is one of the most delicious foods in the world. There are a lot of varieties in the Indian food items that we see in any other cuisine. Indeed, Indian food items are vast and super delicious for the tongue. It helps you enhance your appetite, and you are never enough having just a portion of it.

What are the top five Indian frozen snacks to order online in the USA?

GroceryBabu, the Indian groceries near me store, offers these five Indian frozen snacks items with home delivery anywhere in the USA. So let’s check out your favorite five items with a description.

Some of the most common Indian frozen snacks you would like to order in the USA are Indian style samosa, fafda, jalebi, different puffs, ready to eat Idli and dosa, papdi, peanut chikki, aloo tikki, paneer paratha, pakora, and much more. Below are the top five Indian frozen snacks at GroceryBabu, your Indian groceries online store.

1.   Cocktail Potato Samosa

Samosa is one of the most popular Indian snacks items. If you reside in India, you will find five out of ten food stalls on the street offering hot and fresh samosas and kachoris. Samosas are made of different ingredients such as potato stuffing, potato and peas stuffing, paneer stuffing, paneer and spinach stuffing, garlic and onion stuffing, etc.  The exterior of the stuffing is covered with wheat flour or refined wheat flour.

GroceryBabu has got the exclusive cocktail potato samosa that is a party-sized samosa pack filled with spiced potatoes. It spices up your evening and leaves you nostalgic for the rest of the evening. You can order it online at GroceryBabu for less than 5 USD.

2.   Paneer Puff

Indians are fonds of having a puff. Puff is one of the most trending Indian frozen snacks amongst the Indian youth. It is available in almost all school and college pantries. If you miss your favorite puff, you can simply get it delivered to your doorstep with GroceryBabu.

GroceryBabu, the Indian grocery online delivery store, sells different varieties of Puff, including panner puff. The paneer puff is filled with the goodness of protein. It is both a healthy and delicious snack item for quenching your little hunger.

3.   Cocktail Chana Dal Samosa

Have you tried GroceryBabu’s chana dal samosa? If you haven’t, I guess you shouldn’t miss it now. The crunch party size samosas are filled with the richness of chana dal and are super yummy in the taste. You can simply order it online by visiting GroceryBabu’s official website or can also order it from your Android or iOS device by downloading the GroceryBabu mobile app.

4.   Chorafali Fafda

Indian chorafali is one of the trending snacks items. It is a popular snack prepared during the Diwali festival in most Indian homes. Well, this Diwali, you can also add up the yummy chorafali in your snacks by ordering it from GroceryBabu, the Indian groceries online store in the USA.

5.   Paneer Spinach Samosa

As we discussed above, samosas are available in different varieties. It is indeed one of the most popular Indian snacks. 4 out of five Indians will love to have samosa in their evening snacks. Well, you can now order paneer spinach samosa online at GroceryBabu, by searching the Indian groceries near me on your mobile phone.

All these Indian snacks items are available in the USA online at our GroceryBabu store. We help Indians to get their favorite groceries and snacks with a tap of their fingers. All you need is to download our Android and iOS app on your smartphones and scroll through the various Indian groceries to get them delivered to your doorstep.

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