Your Shipping Charges - Dry Item(s)

Grocery Babu makes it affordable!
Shipping cost of Dry Item will be $10.00 per order, for any amount ordered!
Dry Cart
This cart contains all non-peishable items and can be shipped via regular shipping services.
Frozen Cart
This cart contains only frozen items, and must be shipped via expedited shipping options.

How Does the Frozen Cart work!
We uses Three sizes of Boxes SMALL, MEDIUM AND LARGE

Once you Start add items to frozen cart, It will start with the Small size box and on adding more Items you will be moved automatically to the Medium Box and Large Box once Small Box and Medium Box is full respectively.

Select Items from the Frozen Category and add it to the cart!

As on adding item box will fill up, and in the cart section you will find how much your Box is full. Our Target is to fill box as close to 80% to maximize shipping and handling cost.

Filling of Multiple Boxes too !
Once you have fully filled one large box with frozen items, it will give you message that you have fully filled one Large box other item will be placed in Small Box. You can fill many boxes as per need.

Checkout! On completion of adding all frozen items, user needs to click "checkout" and proceeed further to checkout page, and on checkout page select shipping option then by adding payment info you can complete your order.

Note: Orders may consist of Dry & Frozen items
Special shipping care is taken with Frozen items
As such, Frozen items will be shipped separately from Dry items

**Dry Cart**
A Flat $10 shipping fee per order is charged, for any amount ordered! This cart contains all non-perishable items and will be shipped through regular shipping services.

**Frozen Cart**
This cart contains only perishable/frozen items and will be shipped in a special insulated Box with *dry-ice, to be delivered to you in 1 or optionally 2 business days to preserve cold temperature. Shipping cost will be varied on an actual basis for weight and number of boxes shipped from this cart. *Be careful of any dry-ice remaining at delivery. Do not touch! Discard with care.

**Check out**
On checkout, “Dry” and “Frozen” cart will be clubbed together and single combined amount for dry and frozen cart will be charged when you are directed to payment gateway to complete transaction.

**How does the “Frozen” cart work**
1. We currently use boxes with following size - Small - Medium - Large (as per availibility)

2. Once you add items to frozen cart, it will select box based on dimension of an item.

3. Small box will be selected at first and then as the items in the box increases depending upon capacity of boxes it will change to medium and large.

4. As large box gets full, another small box will be selected again and process will repeat as per above points.

5. You may observe percentage % capacity of box that is filled.

6. You may also observe number of boxes that are completely filled.

7. Frozen shipment will be shipped from Monday through Thursday. (i.e. No order will be shipped on Friday through Sunday)
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Frozen Item(s)

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GroceryBabu is Online Indian Grocery Store providing indian groceries, indian food, indian spices, deep frozen food, Indian frozen food and more. Indian Grocery Products at their finest, making the cuisine of India Delightfully Yours.

Selection of different Snacks, Chutneys, Sauces, Pickles, Papad, Sweets, Canned foods, Instant Foods, Biscuits, Bakery Products, Jaggery, Mukhwas, Beverages, Dry Fruits, Tea, Coffee, Beans, Spices, Masalas, Flours, Rice, Health & Beauty, Household Items, Incense & Pooja Supplies from Various Popular Brands like Deep, Mirch Masala, Curry Classics, Udupi, Haldiram, Reena's, Bansi, Knoor, Dabur & Amul.

Few of Our Top Selling Products
Indian Grocery - Raw Peanut 2lb

Raw Peanut 2lb

$ 4.69

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Indian Grocery - Pistachio 14.OZ.

Pistachio 14.OZ.

$ 16.49

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - Methi Paratha 5 pc

Methi Paratha 5 pc

$ 1.79

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - CabbageChopped12oz


$ 1.49

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - Cashews-Red    8oz

Cashews-Red 8oz

$ 5.09

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - Jaifal Pwd 3.5oz

Jaifal Pwd 3.5oz

$ 4.49

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - CarrotPickle25.5oz


$ 5.09

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - KR Aloo Tikki 7oz

KR Aloo Tikki 7oz

$ 2.19

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - Kaju Mix 12oz

Kaju Mix 12oz

$ 2.29

Qty :  

Indian Grocery - Kerda Pickle24.7oz

Kerda Pickle24.7oz

$ 5.09

Qty :  

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